In order to be a successful dancer you have to ask yourself two important questions.  First, do I have the desire to communicate with the world and people around me through the mysterious but universal language of music and movement and, second, do I have the passion to go the extra mile and teach my body to instinctively react to the music I hear.  Check one, check two.  Great!  Let's go!


Beyond the textbook, dancing is so much more.  It is communicating.  It is giving and receiving.  It is transparency and mystery at the same time.  It is about discipline and self-respect.  It is about supporting and respecting others.  ..and the list goes on.  We get it!  Our goal here is not to bore you with a detailed historical description or to give you pages of technical jargon.  All we are saying is that our approach defines dancing and teaching of dance to be much more than just a series of steps in sequence.


So why DanceStream?  Well, first of all our top priority is to make learning easy and intuitive as well as to provide the highest quality of instruction for all children and adults at all levels, from newcomer to seasoned professional.


Founder Yulia Bobovik Bubnelis cannot be the better individual to take this journey with and to help you achieve your goals.  Her prolific background in various genres of dance, from latin American competitive and standard ballroom to rhythm and smooth, sets her apart from other dancers you may have come across before.  With almost a decade of formal dance education, trained by world-class coaches, and with multiple dance degrees under her belt, she has been coaching aspiring dancers for more than 17 years all over the globe, including Israel, Italy, Russia, and the United States.  A great testament to her knowledge and expertise in the field are the competitive dancing accomplishments and awards she has accumulated over the years.  Being two-time international latin national champion in Israel she has travelled the world and established her name reaching semifinals to finals in Russia, Latvia, Italy, and Malta.  But the list goes on..  In addition, she is regarded as one of the most creative and innovative choreographers and adjudicators in latin American and standard dances in the Northeast, and she is an NDCA-certified adjudicator and teacher. To learn more about her accomplishments check out her NDCA profile here

But Yulia’s real passion is teaching.  As she explains it quite simply: “To dance is to share and to share is to teach.”  Her perspective on teaching and learning to dance makes the “DanceStream Approach” so unique.  In her mind dancing is more than just developing technique – it’s equally about emotion, discipline, trust and respect.  She interprets dancing as both an art form and a sport, and takes ultimate pride in nurturing not only her students’ technical skills, but also their overall personal development as she elegantly translates music to feeling and inner sensation, and ultimately to movement.  “In dance we use our bodies as instruments and as with any other instrument you have to first explore and get to know it, then learn how to use it, and most importantly take care of it.”  This is one of the cornerstone DanceStream concepts through which Yulia takes her students by the hand and shows them how to discover, develop, and protect their muscles and bodies.  Her unwavering drive to improve and excel is also well recognized among her students, and as a natural outcome and result of her elemental teaching method, her students have been recurrently identified and ranked among the nation’s top competitors.

You say you don’t feel like competing?  That’s OK, you don’t need to!  We offer a host of other opportunities to shine both in our growing DanceStream community as well as in the larger Boston area dance community through shows, expositions, and other projects, etc.

But we have so much more in store for you.  To give you a taste, one of our major initiatives will include a series of projects developed to offer artistic support and reinforcement for humanitarian causes, charitable groups, healthcare organizations, etc.  It is called “DanceStream for Life” where our teachers and dancers will perform shows and exhibitions as part of the initiative.  It is something we are very proud of and we cannot wait to kick off the season of exciting events!

We will leave you with Yulia’s own words for now which best describe her relentless drive and curiosity: “One of the aspects I love most about working with students is the abundance of new discoveries I continue to make daily as a teacher.”

Are you still with us?  Excellent!  Let’s embark on this thrilling journey together!

See you soon!

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