Yulia Bobovik Bubnelis has a prolific background in a wide variety of dance genres including International Latin and Standard as well as American Rhythm and Smooth. Yulia has nearly a decade of formal dance education studying with world-class coaches and has multiple dance degrees under her belt. She has been coaching aspiring dancers for more than 22 years all over the globe, including Israel, Italy, Russia, and the United States. Her competitive awards include being two-time International Latin National Champion in Israel and reaching semifinals and finals across the United States, Latvia, Italy, and Malta. She is also an NDCA-certified Championship Level adjudicator and teacher, and is regarded as one of the most creative and innovative Latin and Standard choreographers in the Northeast.

Yulia’s is incredibly passionate about teaching. She believes that learning to dance is more than just developing technique – dancing teaches emotion, discipline, trust and respect. She interprets dancing as both an art form and a sport, and takes great pride in nurturing not only her students’ technical skills, but also their ability to translate music into feeling, inner sensation, and movement. One of the cornerstone concepts Yulia brings to DanceStream is that the body is an instrument. As with any other instrument, you have to first explore it and get to know it, then learn how to use it, and most importantly take care of it. Yulia weaves this guiding principle into her teaching, taking her students by the hand and showing them how to discover, develop, and protect their muscles and bodies. Her students are consistently ranked among the nation’s top competitors.

“One of the aspects I love most about working with students is the abundance of new discoveries I continue to make every day as a teacher”​

Yulia Bobovik Bubnelis - Founder/Director

Keith Claeys - Dance Instructor


Keith began dancing while attending Northeastern University, and began competing in Standard, Latin, Smooth, and Rhythm across the northeast United States. He quickly rose through the competitive levels and became a leading member and mentor within the Northeastern ballroom club. His dancing skill, patience, and ability to guide the rookie members of the club saw him elected captain of the team for multiple years, teaching lessons and workshops for the club at multiple proficiency levels across all 19 competitive ballroom dances.

Keith has made finals in all major collegiate and amateur competitions in the northeast US, and is a national amateur finalist in Pre-Championship Standard and Smooth as well as Novice Latin. His competitive drive has taken him to all corners of the United States, and he has represented American universities abroad in China.

Keith's passion for dance has helped him accrue a long list of accomplishments, forge lifelong friendships, and develop an inability to sit still when there is music on. Keith has taught classes and lessons at Northeastern University, MIT, and Harvard, and now brings his expertise to DanceStream.

"The only thing I love more than dancing is sharing my love for dancing with others"

Natalia Clark - Ballet and Stretching Instructor


Natalia first discovered dance at the age of four in Samara, Russia and she fell in love immediately, dancing and performing in lead roles at her local theater throughout her school years. After graduating from Saratov Regional College of Art, she joined the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theater as a soloist dancer. Soon after that, she moved to Moscow to study with Russia's most prestigious ballet teachers, further fueling her lifelong passion for ballet.

Natalia's roles include soloist performances at famous Russian theaters such as Natalya Sats Musical Theater, The Theatre Ballet Moscow, and The Hermitage Theater in Saint Petersburg. She brings her vast knowledge to DanceStream after 17 years teaching across the world, including at the Royal Dance Academy of Thailand, the Academy of Russian Classical Ballet, and a plethora of regional theaters across Russia.

Natalia sculpts her teaching to each student individually to ensure dancing is comfortable, challenging, and fun. She goes above and beyond to provide her students with the confidence and proficiency they need to flourish as dancers.

"I believe dance brings out the best in people and I'm always happy to share my knowledge with eager students"