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At DanceStream, we allow and encourage our students to pursue competing. It provides a natural set of goals to aim for and an easy way to measure progress. There are many competitions held in the Boston area aimed at a variety of experience levels from complete beginners to national champions. 

Every dancer (both kids and adults) that wishes to compete with DanceStream must register with the NDCA (National Dance Council of America) and have paid their annual NDCA dues. At DanceStream, we prepare for competitions in advance - we register one month prior to each competition and we prepare our students with a variety of classes and lessons according to their needs. Students may practice and compete with a partner (Amateur) or with a teacher (Pro/Am). When competing with a similarly skilled partner, both dancers are judged, while competing with a teacher means only the student will be judged.

In general, competitions are run on weekends, with adults dancing on one or more of Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays depending on the style, level, and type of partnership. Kids will always dance on the last day of the competition, which is nearly always Sunday. Competitions frequently run early (up to 30 minutes), and we highly recommend arriving 90 minutes before your first scheduled performance.

For more information on competitions, contact us!

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