- All classes and lessons must be paid for in advance. Payments can be made by check, cash or credit card, however, every student must have a credit card on file. Payment by check or cash must be submitted prior to the lesson.

- A $30 fee will be charged for all returned checks.

- Please make checks payable to DANCE STREAM STUDIO

- If payment is not received prior to the private lesson, the credit card on file will be charged.

- Group Class billing will occur at registration at the beginning of the season. If you are paying by check, please make out one check for each session (total of 5 checks) dated as follows: 9/1/18, 11/1/18, 1/1/19, 3/1/19, 5/1/19 (start date of each session). If you are paying by credit card, the card will be charged automatically before each session.

- If more than one family member is registering for a class, a 10% discount will be given for the lower rated class.


- No refunds will be issued on Private Lessons Packages or Gift Certificates. Pre-paid private lessons are valid for one (1) year from the date of the purchase.
- Refunds will be issued on group classes with a 2-week cancellation notice prior to the start of a session.


- Private lessons must be canceled 24 hours in advance. Students will be charged for the missed lesson if there is no 24-hour notice. If no payment is made prior to the lesson the credit card on file will be charged.

- If you will be absent from a group class, you must notify the teacher at least 24 hours before the class, you will have the opportunity to make up the class. Each student may have 2 make-up classes per session.

- Dance Attire:

      Boys: dance shoes and dance pants with shirts tucked in.

      Girls: dance shoes, skirts, leotards, and hair pulled back.
- Cell phones, food, and soft drinks are strictly prohibited from class. Students are not permitted to leave class for any reason without notifying the teacher.
- Dance Stream Studio (DSS) is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal property.
- DSS reserves the right to display any team or individual photographs.
- DSS is not responsible for any unattended child before or after the class.

- If a teacher is unable to teach the class DSS reserves the right to substitute another teacher.

Rules & Policies

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